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Yokai Beer Logo.png

Yokai Beer is a beer can design project for a local beer company in Kyoto, Japan. The package features a Japanese demon who loves to drink beer. Each package of demons corresponds to the taste of the beer. I would like to add a tactile quality to the visual identity. The logo was also hand-drawn. Since it’s a craft beer company, they produce its beer traditionally. I tried to emphasize the non-machinery aspect of this brewery’s beer crafting process. 

Dancing Monkey is a pale ale beer using Japan-grown hop Spring Valley. Spring Valley has intense aromas of citrus and flowers. This beer pairs with smoky finger foods like smoked applewood bacon so that you can drink and eat while dancing. 


Relaxed Octopus is a light golden pale lager with a mellow citrus aroma. It’s a refreshing beer with a flavorful and delightful smooth finish. It’s complemented with lemon-flavored seafood such as fired octopus tentacles seasoned with lemon juice and pepper. 

The label was designed for a 12oz can format. It left the top part open because some small beer breweries don’t have the facility to wrap a full label onto a can.


Burning Head is a craft beer based on Irish red ale. A beer pairing with hot foods like hot spicy chicken. Burning head has a moderate caramel maltiness flavor and a bite that helps you forget about the heat of the hot chicken. 


Thunder Brunch is a black stout with a malty lingering sweetness and notes of roasted coffee. It’s a perfect morning beer with the scent of coffee. It pairs with grilled chicken and waffles for breakfast. It’s a great substitute for a caffeine kick during a Sunday brunch.

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