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Linguistic Sculpture is a book project based on an exhibition I made up. The exhibition features six artists who use language as a subject matter in their works: Hanne Darboven, Joseph Kosuth, John Baldessari, Hans Haacke, On Kawara, and Lawrence Weiner. The logo includes handwritten letters inspired by Hanne Darboven’s work.

​Page: five to forty three
​Page: one hundred to one hundred thirty nine
The book consists mainly of two sections: image spreads, and essay spreads. I use a black background for image spreads because many works are drawn or painted on a white background. Also, black backgrounds work as a signal differentiating enough from the essay sections with white backgrounds.
For the essay section, I use dramatic indent for quotes since the layout keeps a classic and minimal structure. Number name is used for page numbers instead of numerals to put more emphasis on language.
Instead of using full colors for an image, images in the essay sections are printed in a monotone. I use brackets for captions throughout the book, as well as page numbers to emphasize the information inside brackets. 
Street Billboard PSD MockUp.jpg
For the poster of the exhibition and the book, I used the image of Joseph Kosuth’s neon work. I made the museum name and the artists’ names look neon so that the image and the type co-exist together in the poster.
For the banner and the entry wall, I kept the same logic in the layout: the title of the book, the artists’ names, and the date. Since I use black and white for the book cover, the color palettes are very minimal in both designs. 
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